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In the summer of 2004, our founding mothers came together out of a need for a local military support group while each had a child serving in the Armed Forces.  By early August of that year, the South Bay Blue Star Moms was six members strong. The first general meeting, held on August 24, 2004, was promoted in the media and approximately 20 military moms and a few dads attended the first general meeting. By the fall, South Bay Blue Star Moms received their charter and officially became California Chapter #4, with a 501 (c) 3 status under Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc., a group formed during WWII and officially chartered by Congress.

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There is a proud tradition surrounding Service Star Banner flags dating back to WW I. The Blue Star Service flag was designed in 1917 and is typically displayed in the window of the homes where a son or daughter or loved one is on active duty. The number of stars placed in the white field indicates the number of currently serving members. Should the person fall in the line of duty or die while in the service, a gold star replaces the blue. Display of the Service Banner is done during time of war and shows the pride of the family and reminds all who see it that our national freedom is a cherished commodity demanding much from all those who proudly support and serve our country.

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